November is National Long Term Care Awareness month

This month we’re featuring resources that focus on the need to plan for long term care and helping your clients decide if LTCI is right for them.

Medicare’s Hospital Observation vs. Admission Rule: The Difference Could Cost You

There’s a big difference in hospital observation vs. admission status! That difference can be very costly to you. What’s the difference? Here’s an overview.

How to Decide if Long-Term Care Insurance Is Right for You

Our own Peter Florek contributed to this article in which a Maryland couple tries to decide if long term care insurance is a good choice for them.

Families Face ‘Boomerang’ Kid Planning Challenge

What happens when adult kids don’t leave the nest? It can cause the family stress, and their finances, too.

Video Series – Do I Need Long Term Care Insurance?

We don’t believe that every single person needs long-term care insurance.  We created a series of videos designed to help potential clients understand LTCI and if it’s right for them.

What’s the Best Age to Purchase LTCI?

What’s the best age to purchase LTCI? While younger is generally better, it’s more about your overall financial situation. We explain more in this blog.