The health care system isn’t ready to replace aging caregivers

Developmentally disabled adults will need caregiving throughout their lifetimes. What happens when their aging parents can’t help them anymore? States are struggling to fill the gap.

‘Stop Denying and Start Proposing’ House committee told

Congress must “replace denial with a detailed, bipartisan legislative proposal on long-term care” to address the needs of a growing older population facing high costs for healthcare and housing”

Announcing the NEW Edition of The Savage Truth On Money

We’re thrilled to tell you that The Savage Truth On Money is fully updated and now available on Amazon. We can’t speak highly enough about Terry Savage’s ongoing mission to educate individuals about sound money management. A special thanks to Terry for allowing us to contribute to the chapter about long term care planning.

Medicare’s Hospital Observation vs. Admission Rule: The Difference Could Cost You

There’s a big difference in hospital observation vs. admission status! That difference can be very costly for anyone on Medicare.

5 Facts About the Senate Finance Long-Term Care Hearing

The Senate Finance Committee continues to hear proposals that would help individuals and families pay for long term care expenses.

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