Take a quick skim through articles we found useful this month in the long term care planning world.

NAIC Prepares to Collect State-by-State LTCI Rate Data

Some officials say the ‘tough states’ are shifting residents’ LTCI claim costs to LTCI policyholders in other states.

The 2020s Will Be A Tipping Point For Elder Care In The US

The first Baby Boomers will turn 80 in just five years, making the new decade a tipping point in elder care.

Online Radio Interview with Brian Gordon –  Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)

9 mins. Brian and Kevin Price of the Price of Business radio talk about the essentials of CCRCs.

39% of adults in their 70s view Social Security as ‘a lifeline’

Thirty-nine percent of respondents to a new survey who were aged 70 to 79 said they plan to rely on Social Security in retirement “a lot, as a lifeline to keep me afloat,” suggesting both challenges and opportunities ahead for senior living operators.

How to Survive as a Caregiver: Six Essential Tips

Have you ever found yourself thrust into a job that you would never have applied for, and for which you didn’t have the background or training? For which you felt you were unsuited in so many ways?