Caught in the Middle: How Young Parents Can Plan for Long-term Care

One family’s story shows how important long-term care plans are … and how whole life insurance with a long-term care rider can help.

Medicare Part B premiums are rising in 2021 by more than double the Social Security COLA bump

At a time when so many older Americans are struggling, they’ll now have one more expense to deal with.

Baby boomer retirements have taken a big jump in the past year

Findings from a recent analysis suggests that more baby boomers have decided to retire this year, but many of them may not have saved enough money.

Using an IRA to Acquire Long Term Care Insurance

It’s possible to repurpose funds from an IRA to purchase Long Term Care Insurance. When it makes sense for our clients, it makes them happy.

First Alzheimer’s commercial blood test to detect amyloid beta hits the market

Whether you want to know or not your insurer will. So get the LTCI policy now so when the blood test is done sometime in the future you’re already covered.