Americans Worry More Now About Their Long-Term Care Plans And Prioritize Staying At Home

The vast majority of Americans (87%) believe it’s more important than ever for people to stay at home for long-term care, as well as have a plan for long-term care (85%) and have long-term care insurance (81%) as COVID-19 has raised concerns about the safety of nursing homes.

Using an IRA to buy Long Term Care Insurance

This time-tested strategy has gained new interest now that Beneficiary IRAs must be fully liquidated within 10 years of inheritance.

Measuring The New Costs Of Care

Long term care costs increased substantially this year, particularly for assisted living facilities and in-home care, according to Genworth’s 17th annual Cost of Care Survey.

Medicare buy-in: Ramifications for enrollees, health care system

Lowering the age of eligibility would allow approximately 1.5 million to 2.5 million more people to be insured.

Misconception to clear up!

Many advisors call us thinking that traditional / standalone Long Term Care Insurance policies require premiums for life. They also believe that no traditional policies offer unlimited benefits.

Not true! We offer traditional and hybrid LTCI policies with lifetime / unlimited benefits.

We also offer traditional LTCI policies with 10 pay and single premium plans.

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The Coming Crisis For The Medicare Trust Fund

The Medicare trust fund’s potential exhaustion in 2024 represents a significant threat to the program. Congress must now rise to the task of improving and preserving the Medicare program for future generations.