Traditional LTCI policy now Offering a Guaranteed Premium

Good news! NGL now offers a traditional LTCI policy with a guaranteed premium that can be paid over 10 years. This ONLY applies to their new 10-pay product. They’re finally addressing one of the complaints with Traditional Stand-Alone LTCI – the premiums always go up. Please note – premiums on lifetime pay products can still increase.

A Simple Way to Explain LTCi’s Impact On Tax Planning

Think about clients who have money in IRAs, annuities or other brokerage accounts that they are using for emergency funds. Instead of leaving the money in a taxable account, consider repositioning those tax-inefficient dollars into a tax-free solution that offers additional leverage.

Gender and Insurance Costs

Premiums are based on risk and on factors allowed by law. Depending on the type of insurance and where you live, gender may be considered a risk.

Covering Long Term Care Costs

Everyone has options to cover long term care costs. LTCI is one option. There are others. Brian Gordon talked about this with Kevin Price on the online radio show, Price of Business.