Actuaries to Study How COVID-19 Affects Patients’ Spouses

In the past one spouse’s need for long-term care has increased the odds the other spouse will need care.

What Biden’s $400B Plan to Shift Long-Term Care Home Could Mean for Nursing Home Operators

The shift to home was already a long-simmering trend in post-acute and long-term care, but the coronavirus pandemic kicked those prevailing patterns into

Alzheimer’s disease treatments could reduce the financial burden to U.S. state budgets

Alzheimer’s disease treatments that slow progression of the disease could significantly reduce the financial burden to U.S. state budgets, according to a new USC study.

Adult Kids’ Responsibility for their parent’s Long Term Care Costs

Most states have filial responsibility laws, which means that the assets of adult kids can be considered when paying long term care costs of their parents. In some states the adult children can be sued for unpaid bills.