Long-Term Care Insurance: Higher Premiums for Shrinking Benefits

Brian Gordon was quoted in this article. There’s a 70% chance you’ll need some type of long-term care, but getting the right insurance is more complex these days. Here’s some guidance.

Less than 25 percent of Americans expected to save enough to retire comfortably

While this isn’t surprising it’s still shocking. We wonder if those surveyed were thinking about a long term care event. Most people usually don’t, and they underestimate the costs if they do.

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Buying Long Term Care Insurance for Your Adult Children

One way to pass along your wisdom, knowledge and a legacy, is by buying Long Term Care Insurance, LTCI for your adult kids.

Older adults more likely to have multiple ailments compared with prior generations

Later-born generations of older adults are more likely to have multiple chronic ailments than the generations that preceded them.

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