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Free Webinar

This free webinar addresses questions many people have about getting a loved one’s affairs in order when the time comes, including:

  • Why should someone have a conversation about potential future care needs and end of life decisions and what someone’s wishes are?
  • What type of issues should be discussed with loved ones?
  • Why are families reluctant to have the conversations about important issues regarding finances and end of life choices?
  • Who should have a Long-Term Care Plan and at what age do you recommend a person to investigate it?
  • What types of professional partners should you be working with and keeping aware of important issues in your life?
  • What does LTCI cover and what are some of the different features in long term care policies today v. the past?
  • How does a client with an LTCI policy activate their benefits in a Long Term Care Policy and have a successful claim?
  • How do you fund a long term care event when you don’t have an LTCI?
  • Is there a simple way to make sure you have everything organized for your love ones in case of an emergency?
  • What are some of the consequences of not discussing these issues in advance or not having documents in place?