2019 Medicare Info Summary

Have clients on Medicare who you need to help plan for long term care expenses?

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Do you need to know what Medicare does and doesn’t cover so you can help your client plan for long term care expenses?

We’ve consolidated Medicare’s rules into a 2 page 2019 Medicare Information Summary. It details coverage levels for Medicare Part A and Part B. We tell you what the benefit is, what Medicare pays, and what your client will pay.

We focus on Medicare services most related to long term care planning:

  • Part A – hospitalization, skilled nursing facility care, and hospice care
  • Part B – medical expenses, clinical lab services, home health care, outpatient hospital treatment, and blood work
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Long term care planning is a critical element of every comprehensive financial plan. Long term care events are a reality of life, and Long Term Care Planning exists to help families preserve their assets, standard of living and independence, while allowing the members of the family to make important choices for the financial, physical and emotional well being of loved ones.

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