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Attendees will earn 1 CE. For more information, contact us at 800-533-6242, or email Brian Gordon at brian@galtci.com or Peter Florek at peter@galtci.com

2024 CFP CE And The Title Of The Program Planning Ahead – A Look At Long Term Care Retirement Solutions

Tuesday, December 12th, 11:00AM Central


1 Hour CFP CE

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This webinar will cover a range of Long Term Care Retirement Planning solutions. Brian Gordon will address when the right time is to consider LTC Planning, provide examples of Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) and Annuity quotes that solve for different retirement scenarios, and touch upon the current happenings with State LTC payroll tax programs. There will also be helpful pointers on how to have a successful LTCI claim, a review of key resources available clients and their families and an open session at the end to answer questions.

Learning Objectives

  1. Ensure the attendee gets an overview of some of the most popular and advantageous LTC planning solutions
  2. Make attendees aware of the payroll tax initiatives being considered in many states and how to mitigate the tax consequences in the future
  3. Review why claims fail and what clients and families can do to have a smooth claims experience


Brian Gordon, CLTC, President of Gordon Associates Long Term Care Planning Since 1990, Brian has advised thousands of clients and financial professionals on the best LTCI options.

You can read Brian’s full bio here.