Take a quick skim through articles we found useful this month in the long term care planning world.

Terry Savage: Why Long Term Care Insurance Is So Important Right Now

Terry Savage does a great job in this Chicago Tribune article of explaining why LTCI matters more than ever.

Younger adults most interested in solutions to pay for chronic care as they age

Young adults’ interest in buying long-term care insurance could bode well for senior living, providing the financial flexibility to afford moving to a senior living community later in life, according to the recently released results of a survey.

Surprise: Unhealthy lifestyle tied to Alzheimer’s risk

Five key lifestyle factors combine to influence the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, say researchers. Adhering to at least four reduced study participants’ risk by 60%.

Are Your Long-Term Care Plans Putting You in Danger?

The coronavirus has disproportionately targeted individuals in long-term care facilities. The author says this is an important reminder for LTC planning.

COVID – 19 Resources and FAQs

Here are FAQs we get and resources we rely on to refer our clients and trusted partners when asked.