Anyone who has filed insurance claims before—whether for home, auto, or health coverage—knows that the process doesn’t always unfold smoothly. So if you are helping someone who has, or may have, a long term care insurance (LTCI) claim, the first thing to do is contact his or her carrier’s Claim Department. The second thing: begin filing immediately.

Most long term care insurance policies have elimination periods of 30-180 days. Some people wait until the elimination period is met before filing. But establishing an LTCI claim takes time. It’s in every insureds best interest to initiate the claim as early as possible.

We also recommend that insureds or their representatives ask their nursing facility or home health care agency to confirm with their insurance company that they are considered a qualified provider.

Good communication between the family, carrier and provider are essential during the claim process. Most importantly, make copies of everything sent to the carriers and document all phone conversations. Take the time to do everything right. Claims that are filed correctly the first time will be paid more quickly.

At Gordon Associates, we guide our clients through the claim process, making sure they use the right claims forms and that their claims are properly submitted. Since 1975, we’ve helped our clients obtain millions of dollars in LTCI benefits. For more information, contact us.