Interest In Life Combination Products Shifts

As the pandemic spread, images of nursing homes and assisted care facilities flooded the media. The sick and elderly were particularly vulnerable to this deadly virus and so many families were cut off from their parents and grandparents in the hopes of protecting them from exposure to COVID-19.

Bracing For The Coming Long-term Care Tsunami

When you’re in your 30s and 40s there are just certain things you don’t think about. Long-term care and nursing homes are definitely on that list. Why would you at that age?

Home care providers declare 2021 ‘year of healthcare at home’ while they acknowledge acute workforce shortage

Leaders of two key home care associations voiced their excitement Thursday regarding the growing legislative and regulatory momentum in the direction of home care.

Using an IRA to Acquire Long Term Care Insurance

If you have an IRA, you have plans for the assets. They help fund retirement and family legacy. What about a plan for taxes in retirement?