5 Ways to Keep People With LTC Insurance Healthy

Assured Allies is working to help prevent those with long-term care insurance from developing severe dementia or other disabilities

A Big Deadline for Washington State’s Long-Term Care Program Is Almost Here

WA state’s new public LTCI option is here. The paycheck deduction has led many to seek private insurance. But the best financial route for some locals may be to do nothing at all.

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Which long-term-care insurance plans qualify for a payroll tax exemption?

Many people are writing me wondering what kind of long-term care insurance plans qualify to receive an exemption from a state payroll tax starting in January.

Unsolicited Offers from Your LTCI Company May Not Be in Your Best Interest

When carriers send offers to reduce premiums, it’s always good for them. What about your client’s interests?

Aging Life Care Association

Aging Life Care™, also known as geriatric care management, is a profession we think highly of. When a senior’s healthcare situation becomes too complex for them to manage on their own, specialists advocate for them to make sure they get quality care.

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