10 Fastest-Rising Costs for Older Americans Since 2000

Social Security benefits may be adjusted for inflation but the costs of many goods and services rise faster.

So far, more than 200,000 apply for exemption from WA state’s long-term-care fund

Washington State has implemented a publicly funded LTCI option. The WA option offers $36,500 per year in LTCI benefits, which isn’t enough to cover most long term care needs.Opting out is an option, which seems pretty popular so far.

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When Couples Buy Long Term Care Insurance Together

Couples buying long term care insurance together not only protect their assets, but provide a peace of mind for their loved ones.

Questions to Ask Before Caring for a Parent at Home

If you are considering caring for an aging family member in your home, consult this guide to ask the right questions before beginning home care.

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