The US Needs To Help Seniors And Their Families Navigate Long-Term Care

This is a nice summary of resources out there to help navigate long term care. Please include us as a resource. We answer questions all the time and have a strong referral network.

One quarter of clinicians say they want to switch careers, survey finds

We’re including this article to make a point – if a client of yours is thinking about assisted living, home health care, or another service that uses clinicians, ask them about the stability of their clinical staff before making a final decision. Resources with better clinical staff stability are better for your clients.

Exercise caution with zero-premium Medicare Advantage plans

Open enrollment for Medicare 2023 is open now through December 7th. Make sure to review new policies carefully. If it sounds too good to be true, it just might be.

Parents Buying Long Term Care Insurance for Their Kids?

Yes, this is done. Example – parents want to leave their child $500K when they pass, but they don’t have $500K to give. Instead, they buy a Long Term Care Insurance policy whose benefits pay $500K but costs less than $500K.

Check out our Testimonials

Here’s an example,

Great customer support long after a policy was purchased. They helped my mother-in-law and us deal with huge changes in her policy – new carrier, different premiums for different benefits. They simplified a maze and spent considerable time on the phone with the carrier on her behalf. If we did the same I’m sure we would have made mistakes. Not many agents in long term care insurance spend that much time helping a client long after the commissions ended.


–Carl White

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